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Making Growth the Comfort Zone

Some people are fine being complacent and settling in their life. They are #scared of #pain so they become scared of #change. Change is the great unknown and takes you out of your comfort zone. How do you grow if your life is on repeat and you have become stagnant? How do you grow when you keep looking to recreate the past to have a different future? But in all growth there is pain, it's how one deals with that pain will determine how one moves forward. One can sit there and feel sorry for themself because of their past actions or they can take control and understand living in the past gets them no where. The past is the past and the #now is where we are. The past had #lessons to #teach and because of those lessons we have become the person we are today. I have no #regrets and I don't question what if I did something different in my past. Because if I did something different, I wouldn't be the person I am today. So accept the pain, see the lesson, learn to grow and stop living in the past. Look to the #future with focus and a clear mind, know that we cannot change the past. If one feels as if they owe someone an explanation for their actions, then one can make amends now and clear their conscience if they must.

But reliving a time that no longer exists becomes a cycle of no #progress and a trap. So why #trap yourself? You know where you belong. Always remember, by messing with your past, it will most certainly mess with your future. The answers lie within you. Find your truth. #lionofjudahtruth

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