Law of Resistance

In my journey, I have discovered that thoughts are just like our words and carry #energy and #vibrations. Sometimes we put road blocks in front of our #destiny without even knowing it. By setting forth the thought, for example. "I really want a new #car. But I don't have enough #money for it." One has now automatically told the #universe to stop you from getting that car and to keep you with no mo...ney. You see, the universe does not know about can't, not, dont, won't and all these other similar words. It's like a #computer that works on #algorithms; #mathematical #equations. Let's say when you want to open a file on your computer, you click it and it opens, but if you click the wrong file, the computer does not know you clicked the wrong file. It's just doing exactly what it is being told to do. As our #conscious mind can differentiate between these words, our #unconscious or #subconscious can not. So with that in mind. One must be very careful with the wording that they use when asking the universe for something. Many of us #pray and ask for things and give thanks for what we have. But is the wording correct and are expectations non existent. Do we let go? All these things come into play without our knowledge. So next time you look at your bank account, or have to shell out money for some food for friends, or want a new car. Follow the simple #laws of the universe and be aware of what you are saying and asking for. Sometimes we wish so hard for something, but it does not come to us in the the shape or form we wished for, but the universe brought us exactly what we wanted, not consciously, but sub consciously. One must be aware of it. Try not to say "I'm not going to be poor," but rather "I await the #wealth that the universe will bring me for my hard work done." "I spend this money as more money will return to me." "I will receive the #transportation needed to go forward in my life." Know what you want, set forth with the highest of #intention, #cleanest of #heart and purest of #thought. Then let it go with no #expectations but rather the sense of #knowing. Work hard at making this second #nature. Less #resistance and go with the #flow #lionofjudahtruth

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