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It Only Takes One Man

All of this was done by ONE instilling ideologies of fear into the people, he was able to control them all. Manipulate the masses and many did not question anything. There were but a few who did, at the risk of losing their own life. By sitting back and allowing it to happen again, do we proclaim innocence? What team do we choose? Team darkness or Team Light? We must find the courage that... lies within the depths of our souls to step out of our comfort zone and learn the truth. If one cannot answer who am I, why am I here, and what is my purpose? Then what does one truly know? The more knowledge I gain, is the less I know, but the wiser I become. It is our duty to self educate and question everything. This picture is no different to the world we live in now. We sit behind our screens and rally against the innocent because we are lost and misguided. We are scared. We feel helpless. Can one think we are truly free? Then prove it to me. We are not even allowed to walk across the road wherever we want, it is illegal. We are the only species who have to pay to live on this planet. Pay with a peice of paper that holds no value. A paper which cost more money to produce and causes more destruction to our home than it is truly even worth. We are told to work for paper to have a better life. We hold paper above our brothers and sisters well being. Loyalty, honesty, truth, and righteousness are things of the past because we allow them to be. But not I. I say bun them if they live with no morals, standards and integrity. We were born from unconditonal love and we must spread it until we die from it. Some are born into an environment where they are already conditioned to accept death within 9 minutes of entering this reality. Our arrogance and ego allows us to think we are blessed. Do we think we deserve something? Or do we owe it all? We must find the light within ourself. Share the light, knowledge, and love, be the example of change one wants to see and one will see the change almost immediately. One must know their place and roll, as we all have one. #destiny #lionofjudahtruth #patience #onebyone #steppingoutofbabylon #discoverthetruth #whatisyourpurpose

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