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The Twin Flame

The difference between Soul Mates and the Twin Flame. All these break ups that are happening around the world are serving a purpose. One must find their purpose, understand they are here for something bigger than them self. MOVE ON AND LET GO! A whole new world awaits those with more love than they can ever imagine. But it all starts with one thing. SELF LOVE. One cannot love another until one truly loves them self. Rushing into something and degrading oneself to feed the ego and materialistic needs, can not last and one can not truly be happy internally. Many relationships are formed to teach each partner a life lesson and once you get the lesson out of that relationship, you can move forward in your own personal journey. Not all relationships are meant to stay together. Some have found their twin flame already and know exactly what I am talking about. The stare of unconditional love one gives to their partner everyday for no apparent reason. The connection the souls have that no words need be said to understand what the other is saying. No ocean is too great to distance the love between them because they carry each other wherever they go in their mind, body, and soul. No insecurities or jealousy exist. The freedom they give each other without subjecting each other to social norms and outdated practices that have ruined relationships over and over again. No titles, just unconditional love. Just a connection formed so strong for eternity. Research yourself and see how deep you can go. So love yourself my friends, it will save you pain and heartache in the long run, know that if you are not happy, you can walk away from a relationship with a smile on your face and know that it has served it's purpose, and there are only brighter days ahead. One Love, One Heart, One Life, One, we are all One. #lionofjudahtruth

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