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Teach The Children

We must understand the psyche of children as they are truly old souls. Old souls that need guidance, not a dictator as their guardian. They still have flash backs of who they once were. Their job is to acquire as much information as possible to go forward in their mission. They need direction and understanding of what is right and wrong. The questions which flourish in their minds are not the same... that exists in ours. Their questions branch from curiosity and can never be fully answered, unless the knowledge has been acquired by the parents. When a child asks "why", they do not fully understand the word why as it is a question of curiosity, not a question to be answered with impatience and anger. They don't care to truly know why, they want to know everything else that accompanies "why". So it is the responsibility of the parent to educate themself on all subjects that will help their children grow into a spiritual being. Teachers will only regurgitate what has been taught to them, without listening to their students. A priest, imam or any other religious figure will only regurgitate scripture to these children and this will not guide them to a spiritual path. This will only anger them and repel them away from the knowledge of the creator. Their answers will never be answered due to the curiosity of which they branch from. So instead of correcting the children and arguing with them. One must educate themself to be able to explain the answers to the children, because the children are the future, as we gradually become the past. #lionofjudahtruth #discoverthetruth #childrenarethefuture



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