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Love Bravely


It takes two strong independent individuals to truly appreciate each other in their entirety. So many speak of love when in reality they live in fear. They want love, they want companionship, they want a partner. Yet when they get this partner, their feelings of love mysteriously change to fear. When the growth has stopped and the comfort zone has been set in place. Insecurities arise, jealousy, a...nd coward behaviour from those who truly have not learned how to love themself become prominent. One must know what they are worth. Know what one will put up with and when to draw the line. So we must all forgive ourselves because we were all that person at one point in our life. But we can chose to learn to love ourself and be courageous in the face of love when it does come around again. By being aware of the fear and taking a different approach with bravery. Highest of intentions, cleanest of heart, and purest of thought. Only with this process, can love eradicate fear and rule supreme. #lionofjudahtruth



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