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"It take a revolution to create a solution"

So shift one's thought processes into the perspective of truth, for perception is reality and you have all been lied to.

Allow evolution of the mind and truth to flow, for Babylon has really put on a horrific show.

Revolt against the preconceived notions of the mind, indoctrinated by society and those who mimic and copy blind. Discover the truth within that you are not who you think you are but rather who JaH makes you by design.

The illusions of free will are dangerous, as it allows those to destroy the innocence of self while in search of answers.

To follow uneducated fools who know only what they are told but have no grasp to the true conception of this reality is catastrophically shown.

Those who cannot deal with their own trauma have no place in healing others, for they create more unspoken damage from their own poison bubbling over.

To take guidance from those who have no idea of truth is deadly, for they them selves live a lie which is detrimental and heavy.

False prophets who speak of universal subjects yet still cannot answer factual truths. They know not of the hidden treasures of this realm yet blinded by their own false spiritual ego, for they have discovered a grain a sand of information upon the universal beach of wisdom.

Humanity has been tested and majority have failed. For those who have full faith in The Most High, I look forward to see you in the future again.

For those who believe they have it all figured out and do not have a healthy fear of their creator, it was nice knowing you but now our paths must divide. For if you do not walk with Selassie I, then you cannot walk by my side, if you do not walk AS YeshuaH, then you surely will die.

JaH createth all, JaH giveth life to all living things and so JaH shall taketh away, just as it was given.

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