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Surviving a Sex Cult


🏳️W I N D S🌬💨UNSEEN🏳️ ——————————————————————— #HappyThanksGiving Day! A day to remember the fallen, and give thanks for what we have🙏#vegetarian 🌾🦃🌽 Prayer. This word always had an unorthodox meaning, to me. I remember somewhat clearly...the cult I was born into; The Family International, The Children of God, or “The Family” - as I knew it - would have cheery names that described experiences most take for granted such as prayer, family, love, faith, intimacy, and god. For example, there was something they called “The Cloud” where we children would gather on a big fluffy white blanket, usually dressed up in those lovely 90’s, poofy shoulders type dresses + tights, where we would talk about the coloring books or “bible entries” that were all created by David Berg, the cult creator and leader. There were cartoons, coloring books, audio tapes, and The Book of Daveed all created by this sick individual who took what he knew about Christianity and perverted it to a Christian, apocalyptic sex-cult. (I talk more about this in the podcast posted in my bio where I was interviewed about my experience) These prayer flags are always so majestic and meaningful, to me. In my Vedic astro chart I have some strong influences from air signs that completely resonate with my experiences with wind. In Costa Rica, for example, I would climb the mountain we lived on up to what we called “The Field” where there were wild horses, eucalyptus, and black berries everywhere to let our four Amstaffs roam free.. While up there looking down at a town called Santa Maria, I actually thought and felt that there was something about me that manipulated the strong winds that I would experience. Obviously I was a kid coping with the traumatic situation of being brought to a foreign country where I didn’t speak their language, had no friends, and was trapped on a mountain away from civilization, but nonetheless - it felt real, and it made me feel strong and special.🌬🥰 Perhaps that’s because prayer flags had a similar meaning to what I experienced up there. I felt strong, peaceful, and recharged. Maybe this is why

Check out the meanings of prayer flags in the comments below 👇#iahsay#grateful

“The center of a prayer flag traditionally features a Lung ta (powerful or strong horse) bearing three flaming jewels (specifically ratna) on its back. The Ta is a symbol of speed and the transformation of bad fortune to good fortune. The three flaming jewels symbolize the Buddha, the Dharma (Buddhist teachings), and the Sangha (Buddhist community): the three cornerstones of Tibetan philosophical tradition. Surrounding the Lung ta are various versions of approximately 400 traditional mantras, each dedicated to a particular deity. These writings include mantras from three of the great Buddhist Bodhisattvas: Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche), Avalokiteśvara (Chenrezig, the bodhisattva of compassion, and the patron of the Tibetan people), and Manjusri. In addition to mantras, prayers for a long life of good fortune are often included for the person who mounts the flags. Images or the names of four powerful animals, also known as the Four Dignities, adorn each corner of a flag: the dragon, the garuda, the tiger, and the snowlion.”

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