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LoJ Rolling Papers NC

Rolling Papers

Wrap, Light, Puff and Pass one of the cleanest rolling papers on Earth.

One paper to Roll them all


Fire should never burn hazardous chemicals and we should never inhale it either. LoJ Papers are 100% plant based and arsenic free.


Eliminate the artificial and keep your flavour natural with a paper derived from hemp.

LoJ papers are created with a proprietary mix of  natural raw material for a noticeably smooth pull and taste.

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"These are the smoothest papers I have ever smoked in my life. LoJ Rolling Papers are the best on Earth for the best of Earth."

-JudaH, Reggae Entertainer

Made for Kings and Queens

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Kings Size Wide + Tips

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Kings Size Slims

Trinidad Rasta Man Carnival 2020

Why we created something natural and royal with RasTafari in mind.


"Smoking herb will never be the same, LoJ Rolling papers are literally the best I have ever had."

- Mello Red, Music Producer  Redden Media


Smoke Earth Strong

Become a Lion

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