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ABOUT LoJ Originals

LoJ Originals was inspired by the original Bruce Galt Originals. Custom designed and hand printed T-Shirts that outlast all the rest. 

Throughout the life of JudaH, his travels have taken him all over the Earth. Upon his interactions with many strangers, he has come across many different men and women that wear his father's branded Bruce Galt Original T-Shirts. From Germany, To Alaska and Hawaii to Trinidad, the high quality of the custom shirt was beyond that of many. 


In commitment to attention to detail and quality over quantity. LoJ Originals continue the art form of mastery in creation and shares with the world, his passion and creativity as we continue to move forward into the unknown of this realm.

Please note that ALL proceeds go to Official Lion of Judah Non Profit Charitable Organization in their endeavour to heal, protect and educate the children of Earth. 

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