​How Do I Place An Order?


At LoJ originals, we source our suppliers that can manage heavy production and still keep quality up to par. Please click the links provided to be taken to the proper check out, via Amazon, TeeSpring and our personal checkout system.


Payment and Shipping


Just as everything else here on Earth. All are subject to change via your choices of the purchase.


Growing in a household where my father is the creator and designers and manufacturer of Bruce Galt Originals. It only seemed fitting to take the family business and re-brand it as our blood line has allowed. The world is forgetting about the laws of JaH and the royal blood line of JudaH. They have allowed peasants to sit upon the thrown and destruction has been the inevitable hand dealt by those incapable of leading.

Know that JudaH is here and JudaH is fighting against the evil of this realm. This website allows for those who support the protection and education of children, re-education of humanity and self reliance of individuals via self empowerment.

​Secure Ordering & Payment Options


Know that security is key ​and we are ALL at the hands of those who create the security via our certificates. Know that security has everything to do with the institution who certifies security for a fee on the internet. 

Returns & Refunds


Depending on the product, there are different scenarios and time frames that will apply to the case. Please message the original seller of the purchase to help go through these processes if needed. Please know that whoever you pay the money to is who is in charge of returns and refunds.


Privacy Policy


We at LoJ Originals do NOT personally collect any data from you. This is done by the governments and people in power who use this information against you. As everyone else, if we are on the internet, we are subject to its laws that have been mandated by those who break it. What else do you need me to say?