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XiXgon Family and Supporters! We have been chosen to represent Trinidad & Tobago in one of the worlds most prestigious clash series. War Ina East! Club Yaam! Germany! Humbled by this great opportunity provided by Herbalize It & Superlock. Some of the greatest Sound Systems have blessed Club Yaam's Stage, and we are more than honoured to be part of this event! Red, White & Black all the way! War Ina East was an unforgettable experience and just pure vibes from the European Dubplate lovers!

Trinidad Carnival 2015

XiXgon had the pleasure of splitting up and playing with THREE different bands for Trinidad Carnival 2015. Yuma, Passion,  & Tribe( cANYAval).

The vibes were on point and the masqueraders noticed true Trinidadian talent. We are the best at what we do, and that is to shower the people with VIBES!

IreMember  & IreMember Concert Series brings back the true meaning of the word Dancehall for all those who treasure the good old days and like to hear that classic furnace bangin' reggae music. A Live show with Selecta's and Dj's, a seamless mix of your favorite classics fused with heavy current hits. Everything from Conscious l Lovers Rock l Foundation l Roots & Culture l Dancehall. If you love reggae music from last year to past years come bless us with the essence of your presence.

The Ultimate Sound Killing in New York - Outkast Sound, King Fargo, Yard Sound, & XiXgon Int'l.



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